Contemporary Collections

Since its formation in 1866 the Library of the Royal Aeronautical Society has has collected the best contemporary material to help its members explore flight.

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The Library receives around 150 current journal titles covering aviation and aerospace engineering and related subjects and holds back numbers of these and of many other discontinued titles.

As well as complete runs of Flight, Aviation, Aircraft Engineering, The Aeroplane and Sailplane, other highlights include continental titles such as L'Aérophile, Aeronautique, and Flugsport, together with Aeronautics, Aircraft Production and the pre-WW2 Popular Flying and Flying, both edited by W.E. Johns, author of the Biggles stories.

Each week we add details of the best articles to our library catalogue. For a small charge, we can send copies of these articles to members and non-members alike.

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Library visitors can access the current issue and back catalogue of The Aeronautical Journal


The NAL holds a wide range of international Journals across the breadth of aeronautical and astronautical topics.


We have an extensive collection of books relating to the development and recent technical advances in aeronautics, aviation and aerospace technology, together with piloting, law and the history of aviation.

We have complete sets of Jane's All The World's Aircraft and the ESDU International data sheets for the aeronautical sciences.

RAeS members can borrow up to five books from our post-1945 collection.

Visit the catalogue to see our full collection. The catalogue homepage highlight books that might interest members of the Society's Specialist Groups.

Technical reports

We hold over 40,000 technical reports from aeronautical research establishments around the world.

These include:

NASA (and its predecessor NACA)

ONERA in France

DLR (and its predecessor DFVLR) in Germany

NLR in the Netherlands

ESA (and its predecessors ELDO and ESRO)

RTO (and its predecessor AGARD)

FFA in Sweden

ISAS in Japan

Older report series held include the R&Ms and CPs issued by the ARC, NACA, RAE reports and the early reports from ARL in Australia, UTIAS in Canada and the Von Karman institute (VKI) in Belgium among others.

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A wide range of contemporary literature is available for RAeS members to borrow


Browse over 40,000 technical reports from global aeronautical research establishments