The EUR-ACE project which developed a European framework for recognition of accreditation systems and the qualifications so accredited (see decided in 2007 that "European recognition" would be by the award of a EUR-ACE Bachelor or EUR-ACE Master label to qualifications accredited by accrediting organisations such as the Royal Aeronautical Society. There would be no legal status attached to the label and it would be up to universities to decide on its value to them.

The European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) administers and quality assures the EUR-ACE label system. In the UK, the Engineering Council is a founder member of ENAEE and can award the EUR-ACE label to accredited degrees.

EUR-ACE recognition is a badge added to an accredited degree. To achieve this, an HEI does not have to make any additional submissions, and the professional institutions carrying out the accreditation do not have to undertake any additional processes. The Engineering Council (EC) will award the EUR-ACE label, following an application from a university, once it has been able to verify that the degree concerned is recorded on the accreditation database. MEng degrees will be given the EUR-ACE Master label.

There is a fee of £125 per degree for which the label is awarded.

Contact Jim Birch, Head of International Recognition at the Engineering Council, for further information: