About Membership

We are proud to have a broad membership from the aerospace and aviation community, striving to challenge and further aeronautical art, science and engineering through professional standards, stimulating debate and sparking interest.

We do this through:

Encouraging Aviation as a career choice

We work closing with students from primary school age right through to leaving university to support them with their studies and help them make informed decisions with their next steps. Primary school students are engaged through our Cool Aeronautics Programme which is becoming increasingly popular. It aims to introduce students to a range of different opportunities open to them in the aerospace world. Secondary school students get a more hands on experience as they get opportunities to get involved with outreach projects such as the Schools Build A Plane.

Supporting professional development

We support the professional development of our members right from providing a free student membership to university students and continuing to support throughout their entire careers. The professional recognition and learning opportunities are a huge benefit to our members.

Professional Recognition

Allowing individuals to gain professional recognition both through our recognised membership grades and registration with the Engineering Council, giving you a post nominal to use in industry.


We are influencing and acting as a learned voice of the profession. Through our talented and expert membership organising and sparking debate, we are known for our innovative approach to aerospace matters.