YPN Reprensentatives

As the YPN grows the Society are delighted to have key inspiring young members in many areas of the society who are representing the YPN in their local area. Without these people the Network wouldn't be able to grow and develop as it is doing.

Branch Representatives:

Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Cosford - Matthew Wilmot
Bedford - Declan Wilcock
Belfast - Conor Taylor
Bristol - Kiran Ramsaroop
Cambridge - Efe Onder
Cheltenham & Gloucester - Deborah Comparin
Coventry - Andrew Fisher
Farnborough - Graham Robertson
Heathrow - William Li
Loughborough - Charlie Dodd
Kamra (Pakistan Div.) - Sharjeel Rafaqat
Montreal - Valeriya Mordvinova 
Paris - Malya Kacei
Sheffield - Yun Hang-Cho
Singapore - Dominic Wong
Stevenage - Luke Hamnett
United Arab Emirates - Rishika Kasliwal
Yeovil - Daniel Young

Specialist Groups Representatives:

Aerodynamics - Alex Stefanescu
Air Transport - Matthew Wilmot
Flight Simulation - Sam Lee-Watson
Flight Test - Sarah Beasley
Space Group - Richard Painter
Membership Services Board - YPC - Chair
Events Committee - Felix Adedeji
SBAP - Mark Lees
150th Celebrations - Robin Saaristo

Are you or do you know of someone who would be a potential candidate for becoming a YPN Rep in an area of the society that we don't yet have represented? Please email membership@aerosociety.com to explore this further.