Group Objectives 

The Women in Aviation and Aerospace Committee's aim is to increase the number of women choosing a career in all sectors of aviation and aerospace, to support those already in industry to achieve their career goals and to encourage more senior women in the sector to join the Society and play a role in all its groups and activities. 

Key Objectives

 - To increase the number of women on Council, the number of women RAeS members overall, to encourage more women into the senior membership grades such as Fellow and Member and to ensure women are well represented in the Apprenticeship Grade. 

 - Support the remit of the annual Conference to engage 10% male attendees.

 - Continue to produce effective research on women and diversity in aviation and aerospace.

 - Prepare to broaden the committee's remit to embrace the wider Diversity and Inclusion strategy. 

 - Embed a culture of networking and mentoring among women working in the industry and support the      Alta mentoring platform.