What is Aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics is the study of forces and the way air moves around objects, such as the wing of an aircraft or a vehicle launching into space. The four forces of flight are lift, weight, thrust and drag. The RAeS Aerodynamics Group brings together industry, research establishments and academia studying these forces to assist engineers in understanding how aircraft can overcome gravity to move through the area at different speeds.

Group objectives 

The Society’s Aerodynamics Group:

  • Provides opportunities to develop professionally through hosting high quality technical conferences and offering a programme of lectures and technical visits
  • Facilitates communication and networking between peers both at a regional and international level
  • Represents the interests and views of members within the Society working within this specialist field
  • Raises awareness of important issues and activities in relation to aerodynamics with a view to influencing government and other respected stakeholders


The Group organises a regular Applied Aerodynamics Conference as well as hosting the Lanchester Named Lecture. 

Get In Touch

If you specialise in this field, or wish to find our more, explore our additional resources below. To get involved with the activities of the Aerodynamics Group please contact the Chairperson by contacting