Sustaining Airworthiness for Ageing Aircraft seminar

18 October 2018 - 14 September 2018

MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol

Supported Event

IET Aerospace Network/MOD Abbey Wood event

This will be a one day seminar to provide some examples of new techniques and new technology to deal with aircraft ageing issue as well as some technical case studies around the Sustainment of Ageing Aircraft. The event is aimed at both the MOD/Military and Civil sectors.

Amongst the subject matter, the following will be covered during presentations: Novel examples of aircraft recycling, replacement of hazardous and banned materials, life extension of ageing components, electrical system health checking, novel repair schemes, repair assessment, mapping and configuration control, zonal and connectivity focused airworthiness survey, minimising global fleet cost and maximising operational benefits, and use of low-cost parametric systems to monitor structural usage and support affordable structural integrity strategies.

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MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol

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