Commercialisation of Space: Realising UK Goals for Innovation and Growth

21 November 2017 - 22 November 2017

No.4 Hamilton Place, London


09:00 - 17:00

Conference Summary 

The 2017 President’s Conference will provide a strategic view of the role of commercial space activities in contributing to government ambitions for innovation and growth in the UK space economy.

The conference will give innovators, manufacturers, operators and users the opportunity to engage in an unbiased discussion with government, regulators and investors on the growing impact of commercial space activities to the benefit of the UK economy and society in general and how government ambitions for innovation and growth may be fulfilled.


Topics to be covered 

The Conference will address the innovative commercial space-related developments in all relevant domains, addressing in particular the significance of downstream applications and services as well as the emergence of commercial launch vehicles offering new market opportunities in the UK, in providing:

- An overview of government ambitions for the commercialisation of space in the UK
- A showcase of inspirational examples of the commercialisation of space
- An explanation of the UK framework for innovation, growth, partnership and commercialisation
- Examples of the commercial exploitation of satellite telecommunications
- A panel discussion about the space debris challenge
- An overview of government ambitions for international cooperation in commercial space
- Examples of the commercial exploitation of earth observation data
- Examples of the commercial exploitation of positioning, navigation and airspace management from space
- The current status of commercial launch capabilities in the UK, both in terms of spaceports as well as launch vehicles
- A panel discussion on the how best to facilitate growth through finance and regulation

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No.4 Hamilton Place, London

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No.4 Hamilton Place




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