Availability Contracting

15 January 2018

Prestwick Airport


Sean has 37 years experience with BAE Systems and predecessor companies working mainly in the civil aircraft design and support activities.

Moving away from the traditional in-service support model where the OEM business supplies technical support and spares to a more encompassing support solution geared to being the airlines "back office" for a breadth of support services including continued airworthiness (CAMO), maintenance planning & delivery, spares forecasting and overall logistics planning.

The model is targeted at small to medium size airlines with a view to reducing overhead, optimising maintenance inputs and providing economies of scale, easier access to parts and overall support.
The aim is to provide these small to medium size airlines a means to contract out all back office support services thus allowing the airline to focus on the flying mission and revenue generation.


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Sean McGovern


Prestwick Branch

Prestwick Airport

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107 Glasgow Prestwick Intnl Airport,