Aerospace Speakers Travel Grants (AeSTG)

Have you been invited to present a paper on your aerospace-related research at an international conference but lack the funds to do so? Find out how the Royal Aeronautical Society may be able to assist you.

The Aerospace Speakers Travel Grants is a quarterly bursary fund focussed on, but not exclusive to, young people at the beginning of their aerospace-related careers and is available for students who wish to present a paper on their research at a conference.

Please note: The AeSTG replaced the Society’s Educational Awards. If you are already familiar with the Educational Awards, please read the information below carefully as there have been some changes to the administration of the awards.

General information

The AeSTG are administered from two major fund sources:

•    The Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Research Council (CAARC) – This is a dedicated fund administered by the Society on behalf of the UK and Australian Governments.

This fund can be used to assist the progress of aeronautical research in member countries of the Commonwealth (except India – see the note below) by subsidising the cost of short-term visits to aeronautical facilities and conferences.

Applicants who are members of the Society may receive up to two awards from this bursary – the first successful application will be awarded up to £500 and the second successful application will be up to £300.

Non-members will only be awarded £300 maximum for a first application and are only eligible for one application.

Please note: The Aeronautical Society of India has been allocated a proportion of the above-mentioned CAARC fund with sole legal responsibility for its distribution to Indian nationals. Therefore Indian nationals seeking conference travel-related funding should contact the Aeronautical Society of India for this purpose.

•    The Royal Aeronautical Society Awards Trust – This is the Royal Aeronautical Society’s fund which is available to members of the Society only.

The first successful application will be awarded up to £500 and the second successful application will be up to £300.

Application Deadlines

AeSTG applications are considered quarterly. The future deadlines for applications are:

First round: Closed
Second round: Closed
Third round: Closed
Fourth round: (01/09/2017 - 30/11/2017)

Please ensure you send your application in time for the closing date which corresponds best to your conference dates as applications received in between closing dates will be withheld until the following round.

What needs to be included in your application

You will need to prepare the following documents for your application:

•    An Application Form - Click here to download a copy of this.

•    A copy of the paper you are presenting, this must be an oral presentation.

•    A copy of the letter of invitation from the conference organisers to give an oral presentation of your paper.

•    Original letters from two referees, written on their organisational headed paper, which support the statements made in your application form. These should be sent directly to the Society from the referee.

Appropriate referees are: Academics who know you well; Aerospace industry professionals you have worked with; Project Partners/Sponsors.

At least one referee must be a Fellow or Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

The original documents should be scanned in and sent electronically to

Next stage

•    Your application will be considered by the Society’s Scholarship Panel which is responsible for the final decision.

•    The Panel's decision is final and feedback may be given but the Panel is under no obligation to provide it.

•    Please note that all successful applicants will be expected to provide travel receipts confirming attendance of the conference stated in the application and to submit a post-conference report about their experience and the outcome of their presentation. The Society reserves the right to feature any of the activities relating to the award in any of the Society's publications.

Important information

•    All deadlines are final and applications will not be accepted after this time.

•    Two references must be received for each application.

•    All applications must be accompanied by proof of acceptance to the conference and a copy of the paper to be presented.

•    All conferences applied for must take place at least one month after the application deadline.

•    The funds awarded can be used towards travel, hotel and subsistence costs and conference fees. Receipts will be required before the funds can be released.

If you have any further questions please contact; Jack Suttie on + 44 (0)20 7670 4300 or