Council Elections 2018

The deadline for receipt of completed nominations is Wednesday 31 January 2018 23:59 GMT.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Council member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Before continuing to the Nomination Form, please read the guidance for candidates carefully prior to completing the form

1. You should supply accurate information for yourself, your Proposer and Seconders, as well as your Statement of Views.
2. Proposers and Seconders must be either Members or Fellows of the Society, and must not be supporting more than two nominations (that is your own and one other).
3. Please ensure your Proposer and Seconders have agreed to support your nomination before you submit your form.
4. Your Statement of Views should be a short statement of not more than 150 words on your view on strategy, rules and objectives to be adopted by the Society.
5. The data you have supplied on your nomination will be stored on Mi-Voice’s servers for 6 months following the close of the election. Please note in submitting the details on your nomination form you agree that the information you provide will be used for making up the election booklet which will be available to view on the website and other relevant communiques for the RAeS Council election process.

Click here to submit your nomination form online

Please contact Saadiya Ogeer, Governance Manager if you have any queries:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7670 4300

If you experience technical difficulties submitting your nomination please contact Mi-Voice, the organisation hosting the nomination site. They can be reached at or 023 8076 3987.

Further Information

To give some insight on the expectations of a council member we prepared the Individual and Role Profile for a Council Member”:

The individual: 

* will be active in the world of aerospace and aviation
* will be passionate about aerospace
*will be committed to the furtherance of the aims of the Society
* will be ready to ‘give something back’ to the Society and the whole sector

The role includes:

* Being an advocate for the Society in the world at large
* Representing the Society membership to the Council
* Supporting their local Branch providing two-way communication between Council and members
* Providing input to Council on the key issues affecting their part of the sector
* Supporting the Boards and Committees of Council and the Board of Trustees
* Playing an active part in the Council activities

The composition and the responsibilities of the Council are defined below as stated in the Society’s By-Laws:

By-Law 10: The Council of the Society

10.1       There shall be a Council of the Society elected under the provisions of these By-Laws.
10.2       The Council consists of:
10.2.1    the President — ex officio;
10.2.2   the President-Elect — ex officio;
10.2.3    the Immediate Past President — ex officio;
10.2.4   the Presidents of Divisions — ex officio;
10.2.5   the Chairman of the Branches Committee — ex officio;
10.2.6   the Chairman of the Specialist Groups Chairmen Committee — ex officio;
10.2.7   eighteen members elected by the Society on a three-year rotation;
10.2.8   up to three members co-opted by the Council on the sole grounds that an important area of the Society’s interest is not otherwise represented on the Council.
10.3       Notwithstanding the preceding provisions of this By-Law, at least half of all the members of the Council at any given time must be Members, Companions or Fellows of the Society.
10.4       If either committee referred to in By-Law 10.2.5 or 10.2.6 is dissolved, the position concerned will fall vacant.
10.5       The Council shall be responsible for:
10.5.1   elections for the post of President and President-Elect in accordance with these By-Laws;
10.5.2   elections to the Board of Trustees in accordance with these By-Laws;
10.5.3   the establishment of a Nominations Committee reporting to Council in accordance with Regulations made by the Board of Trustees from time to time;
10.5.4   arrangements for the conferring of awards, medals and the nomination of individuals for invitation to Honorary Fellowship and Honorary Companionship;
10.5.5   such other responsibilities as may be specified in terms of reference set by the Board of Trustees from time to time.